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Discrete Shipping (Buy Drivers License Online)

Shipping Policies

Free Shipping, worldwide: 5-7 days

Standard Shipping, worldwide: 5-7 days

overnight-express, worldwide: 1 day/next day delivery

Important for overnight-express:
– You have to place your order until 12:00
– You have to pay with Bitcoin. If you pay with gift card the order will be sent as standard shipping automatically.


Of course we only can ship tracked packages & envelopes.

You will receive the tracking id via email once it has been shipped.

The choice which service provider to use always depends on multiple parameters.

We cannot and will not tell you which service provider we use in specific cases for security reasons.

However we are mainly using these service providers: UPS, Fedex, DHL, USPS, TNT.


If the order gets seized/stolen/sth else we will reship.
Because all orders are tracked we will know it once it doesnt move anymore.
However, this happens to 1 of 1.000 orders only.


We have two shipping centers.

We are shipping from within the United States for north- and southamerican customers.

We are also shipping from Gibraltar for european, asian, australian and african customers.


We offer worldwide shipping.

This means that we will send our products to any place in the world.

Yes, even to your location.


Free Shipping, worldwide: $0, for orders worth more than $200.

Standard Shipping, worldwide: $6.90

Overnight-Express, worldwide: $20

Important for overnight-express:
– You have to place your order until 12:00
– You have to pay with Bitcoin. If you pay with gift card the order will be sent as standard shipping automatically.

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How we use your data

PRIVACY POLICY (Buy Drivers License Online) 

(Buy Drivers License Online)
Privacy Policy 


This Privacy Policy sets out the policy of acquiring  Document and Counterfeit Money Online with respect to the way we obtain, use and disclose information about you including  through our website. We understand and appreciate that you are concerned about privacy, particularly in relation to the use and disclosure of Personal Information. We are committed to providing a high level of privacy in relation to all Personal Information that is collected by us. 




We are the sole owners of this website and we only collect information that you have voluntarily given us via our website, email and phone. You can be rest assured that your information will never be sold out to any other client or seen anywhere on the Internet. We will only use your information for the purpose of which it’s intended for. No sharing with any third party.


Security and Protection 


Here you consider your privacy as one of the serious issue. Privacy actually means privacy. Our policy states that what ever information we collect from you is solely used to contact you only and will not be sold or shared with a third party under no condition. About all web servers track basic information for its visitors. These information can be IP and browser details, Time zone and pages but this is not limited to the above mentioned. The above information can not identify visitors to this website.

When ever need be we will use cookies to store information about each visitors preferences or order so that we can better serve the visitor or present you the content that you are you looking for.Note that you can edit your browser settings if you are so concern about your privacy but not that it is not advisable as it may always interfere with the use of many sites. 


Changes to our Privacy Policy 


From time to time we may decide to amend or update this Privacy Policy. When this occurs, we will post the new version of the Privacy Policy on our website. We encourage you to periodically review this Privacy Policy so that you remain informed as to how we are protecting your Personal Information.

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